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Hello, I’m still alive. I said I would be doing a lot of things and I haven’t. The reason is I haven’t taken this very serious, and it’s not that I want it to be that way. My mind has … Continue reading

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Hey everyone, how’s life?. August is almost over, and September brings a lot of good stuff. I still don’t know what am I going to study or what is gonna happen, but still, the month looks very exciting, with a … Continue reading

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Nightmare on Elm Street and the rest of the night

Yesterday, me and my friends went to the cinema to watch the new Fred Krueger movie. I’ve been a Freddy fan for some time now. I don’t remember when I first watched the 7 movies, maybe two years ago or … Continue reading

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Hello world!

What’s up people? I created this account because I needed it to do something that has nothing to do with this, but then I thought “hey, since I already have it, why don’t give it some good use?”. So, to … Continue reading

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