Hello, I’m still alive.

I said I would be doing a lot of things and I haven’t. The reason is I haven’t taken this very serious, and it’s not that I want it to be that way. My mind has been everywhere but here. So in order to make this what it should be, when I have time I’ll start working on this.

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Hey everyone, how’s life?. August is almost over, and September brings a lot of good stuff. I still don’t know what am I going to study or what is gonna happen, but still, the month looks very exciting, with a concert in the way and my favourite bands new albums. This is pretty much it:

1 and 2 – Whatever happens, happens

7 – Stone Sour’s Audio Secrecy

12 – Limp Bizkit Show

14 – Linkin Park’s A Thousand Suns

21 – Serj Tankian’s Imperfect Harmonies

Also, in the next days, weeks and months I’ll be writing some reviews of my favourite albums of all time, wich is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and now I finally have time to do them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did and If you didn’t know a band or a record, give it a chance.

To say goodbye, check Brad Delson’s dance, posted by Mike Shinoda in his  blog

See you all very soon!

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Nightmare on Elm Street and the rest of the night

Yesterday, me and my friends went to the cinema to watch the new Fred Krueger movie.

I’ve been a Freddy fan for some time now. I don’t remember when I first watched the 7 movies, maybe two years ago or something like that. Anyways, he has been one of my favourite horror characters ever since. I was afraid when I heard about the new movie. I guess everyone was. But it was great. I do remember some of the scenes of the original movie, and to see how that was done and moved into this “remake” is always an interesting thing. I wasn’t dissapointed at all. The worst part is the main actor. Not that Jackie Earle Haley is a bad actor, I thought he was good. But Robert Englund is just too much. He is Freddy Krueger. He’s new face is weird not only at first. I mean, it’s not a first shock. Everytime he is on the screen it feels weird.

Despite that, and as I said, I loved the movie. In my right was sitting a friend of mine who also loved the movie, and we were all the time like that’s awesome. Another friend of mine, who was sitting in my left, in the other hand, was scared to death. She even shouted with the first times Freddy appeared. The only bad thing was the kids talking during the whole movie. I wish I had a blade and I could cut their heads. I am ashamed of my own generation.

We finished the night going to a bar and having a drink. The pretty girl who told us to get into that bar told us we could ask for any song we wanted. I asked for Linkin Park’s New Divide, and my friends asked for Muse’s Undisclosed Desires, MGMT’s Kids, Eminem feat Rihanna’s Love The Way You Lie, or the summer hit We No Speak Americano among others. The only put Eminem’s and We No Speak Americano. Good thing is, they had a TV on, and there was a Muse documentary talking about their history and showing their videos, like Muscle Museum and Plug in Baby.

The true ending of the night was the best possible ending. I found 10€.

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Hello world!

What’s up people?

I created this account because I needed it to do something that has nothing to do with this, but then I thought “hey, since I already have it, why don’t give it some good use?”. So, to put it simple, this is going to be the place where I write the long stuff. I’ve been using Twitter for a year now (two days ago I made my first year actually), and the purpose of this is to give more information of the big things. For example, if I write on Twitter that I watched a movie, or that I’ve gone to a concert, here I’ll talk about it. But not only about stuff I write on Twitter, also whatever is on my mind at the moment.

So make sure to follow me at

See you all very soon!

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